Keratin treatments are a miracle of modern hairdressing.  Benefits of  this treatment are silkier, smoother hair with less frizz and less drying time. It is perfect for the client who is constantly restling with thick and unmanageable hair.  
It is not a relaxer or straightener. It does not permanently change the texture of the hair as in a japanese relaxer or similiar texture service. It does however have the benefit of taking wave and curl out of the hair for a period of up to three months and beyond. It also helps cut down on drying time and makes flat ironing a breeze.  
The treatment is mostly Keratin protien, it bonds and fills the most damaged parts of your hair;  allowing clients to keep lengths of hair that would otherwise be trimmed off.  It is especially suitable for overprocessed hair and hair that is enviromentally damaed! You will love your hair and be hooked on this treatment. 
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